On Thursday 14th March, Stanley Robotics showcased its fully-autonomous car parking service at Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport in France. Four little robots, dubbed as ‘Stan’ will serve 500 spaces in the P5+ parking area of the airport in the next few weeks.


The system is simple. The customer parks his/her car into one of the twelve drop-off cabins. They then use a touch-screen computer to validate the service, before locking the car up. The owner then carries on to the airport to start their holiday. Stan then takes the car into a special car parking area, where it remains until it’s time for it to be collected. The futuristic robot keeps an eye on flight timings and ensures that the car is waiting at the pick-up cabin in time for collection.

Aéroport Lyon St Exupéry (69). 12/02/2019. Robot voiturier Stanley Robotics

Stan uses state of the art GPS navigation systems and sensors to deliver precise parking, without the use of any human interaction. And no human interaction means that vehicles can be parked extremely close to each other as no space is needed to get in and out of the vehicle. This results in more cars being able to fit into the parking areas, creating a more efficient use of space.

Présentation du robot-voiturier à l’aéroport de Lyon Saint Exupéry par la compagnie Stanley Robotics. Robot-voiturier + capteurs

Stanley Robotics will be running this service at Gatwick Airport, UK from August this year. Read more about it here:

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