The robots take another step towards world domination. Ford has developed a robot that is capable of delivering parcels to your door. Working in unison with a self-driving car, Ford aims for this new technology to be the future of the delivery service. Could it be better than what rivals have planned? Watch the film below:

Working with Agility Robotics, Ford has created a robot named Digit that effectively turns up to your address in a self-driving delivery van and then delivers your parcel directly to your doorstep. The robot then deploys out the vehicle by unfolding itself and standing on its own two legs (like a Separatist Droid from Star Wars).

The clever little robot then grabs your parcel from inside the van and then walks up to your doorstep using terrifying precision. Digit identifies any obstructions up ahead through the use of LIDAR, sensors and cameras. If any problems are detected, Digit simply finds an easier route by means of constant communication with the delivery van.

Digit can carry up to 18kg (40lb)

Digit is bipedal, meaning it walks similarly to us humans. It can tackle tricky terrain, stairs and will even react to being nudged, without falling over – which is great news as many kids will try to knock it over for sure.

Digit identifies a scooter blocking the path and decides to cut the grass instead

A second-generation model is already in development – this is expected to be completed this summer, with a third and final model planned for autumn. In theory, this service could be in use soon.

Digit uses rubber ‘fists’ to grip parcels

Ford also has plans to double up this scheme as a ride-hailing service which could be used between package delivery to ferry passengers around town.


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