Electric AWD classic Ford Mustang to debut at Goodwood 2019

British start-up company, Charge Automotive has released further information about the fully-electric classic Ford Mustang.

Limited to just 499 examples, the Charge Mustang costs a cool £300,000 – pricey for a muscle car that lacks eight cylinders. So what makes this car so special?

Let’s see what you get for all that money:

Charge Cars Mustang Video:

This revamped classic comes fitted with a 64 kWh battery pack and electric motors that churn out a tyre-shredding 469 horsepower, giving it a 0-60 mph time of 4 seconds – quicker than the modern petrol V8 version.

885 lb ft of torque guarantees lots of wheel-spin action

EV tech company, Arrival has supplied a part-time four-wheel drive powertrain setup for the electric Mustang. This aims to provide an entertaining, yet stable drive.

It’s capable of 50 kW DC charging

But don’t think for second that this powerful EV doesn’t have the range to match its bite. The Mustang is said to achieve up to 200 miles on a single charge.

The high-tech interior of the EV Mustang

Using an original body shell sanctioned by Ford, the Charge Mustang retains the classic 1960s styling of the original car with modern touches, such as LED lighting.

To bring the old girl into 2019, the interior has been given futuristic, Tesla-esque feel. This has been achieved by the use of plush materials and by adding the latest in-car tech.

If you want to see the new Charge Cars Mustang, head to the Goodwood Festival Of Speed this year.

What are your thoughts, let me know in the comments.

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