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Is the Radical Rapture the ultimate sports car?

Radical Sportscars has unveiled an all-new road-legal performance car at the world-famous 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Say hello to the Radical Rapture, a race car for the public road.

The Rapture has been designed not only tackle the race track, but also to be an exciting road-legal sports car. Using years of track experience and race pedigree, Radical promises an unprecedented feel of intense driving pleasure in the new Rapture. This new lightweight car aims to deliver an emotive driving experience like no other car can, both on and off the race track.

So how do you make such a light track car road legal? Radical has built the Rapture in accordance with the UK’s Individual Vehicle Approval framework to ensure that it’s safe for the public road. Similar guidelines follow for European markets, with homologation for worldwide sales to follow.

The Rapture covered up before its unveiling at Goodwood FOS 04/07/2019

Building on Radical’s core principals of lightweight construction, aerodynamic design and savage firepower, the Rapture utilises a potent 2261cc turbocharged Ford EcoBoost engine that produces a chunky 350 horsepower and 320 lb/ft of torque. To make the experience raw but manageable, a six-speed paddle-shift gearbox helps charge the Rapture into a dizzying 0-60 time of just 3 seconds.

From the live unveiling at Goodwood FOS 04/07/2019

The Rapture is made up of an ultra-lightweight spaceframe chassis and has a cleverly-designed body that helps to gather large quantities of downforce, keeping it glued to the tarmac – important when the Rapture is capable of a top speed of 165 mph.Using Radical’s battle-tried Nik-Link suspension system, the Rapture’s ride is tolerable both on and off the track, and comes complete with adjustable dampers.

The Rapture even has cabin heating and a multi-function steering wheel

Inside features two racing seats with headrests and multi-point harnesses to ensure you don’t slide around during high-speed cornering. The dash-mounted LCD screen has a data-logging function to keep the driver informed with various vehicle stats.

Action shot of the 765kg Rapture on the Goodwood hill-climb 04/07/2019

Radical Sportscars CEO, Joe Anwyll said: “Radical has always been a business to push the boundaries; in developing Rapture, we listened carefully to our global customer base to ensure that whilst road legal, the Rapture remains an undiluted, out-and-out track car at its core. ”

The Rapture being put through its paces at Goodwood FOS 04/07/2019

Orders are expected to open very soon. The Rapture will cost a cool £89,500 excluding VAT, with first deliveries due to arrive at the beginning of August. Customers are also given a tailored track tuition package to ensure they get the most of of their shiny-new Rapture.

Stunning the crowds

Thanks to Radical Sportscars for exclusive images from the first day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019.

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