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Hot-hatch fans around the world regard the Ford Fiesta ST to be one of the greatest hatchbacks money can get you in the £20K price bracket. This is because the Fiesta ST is, and always has been buckets of fun to drive at all speeds and in all conditions. Many owners often modify their Fords to make them even faster. So what happens when a professional performance company turns one into a project car?


We were invited by Hendy Performance to test our their latest project car. Meet the Hendy Performance Ford Fiesta ST.

Hendy Performance’s fast Ford visits the seaside

This Fiesta ST has had a number of modifications done in order to unlock the car’s full potential. At the forefront of these mods is a MSD stage one remap that pumps the car up to a hefty 230 horsepower – some 30 PS more than the standard. This is supplemented by an Airtec induction kit that makes some sweet sounding noises when you put the hammer down.

Custom 18″ OZ Racing Ultraleggera lightweight wheels have been added which look incredible, and the ride has been lowered by 20mm on KW springs – giving it a beefy stance.

The OZ Racing Ultraleggera wheels were a personal favourite

The guys at Hendy Performance have also added a a few cosmetic touches to further-differentiate this Fiesta from the standard. At the front of the car is an aggressive Airtec Motorsport lower front slitter that not only looks great, but adds a nice black touch to the front of the car which contrasts well with the OZ Racing wheels.

Also included is a unique camouflage-style livery that features Hendy Performance branding throughout the exterior and shows Milltek, Airtec and Ford branding along both sides. These touches help to further reinforce its rarity and enables it to stand out on the road.

The Milltek exhaust is a true winner

We all know how good the standard Fiesta ST sounds, but the boffins at Hendy Performance decided that their project car needed a little more bark. They’ve added a Milltek Sport GPF back acoustic exhaust system that resonates a low, deep rumble at slow speeds that turns heads as the car cruises down the street. In the higher gears and at motorway speeds the exhaust noise level is noticeable but manageable. It doesn’t intrude into the cabin too much, making it very comfortable on a long drive. However, if you knock it down a gear and put your foot down, the exhaust roars to life and pops and bangs on the overrun.

The lowered stance adds an aggressive look to the Fiesta

The first thing we noticed when driving this car was just how potent the engine felt. As soon as the clutch was lifted, the ST leapt forward like an eager Jack Russell that’s just spotted a cat. This experience is further complemented thanks to the Milltek exhaust that helps add a true sense of drama to the drive.

There’s no arguing that this is one special hot-hatch

All in all, this Fiesta is an absolute peach. Not only is it blisteringly quick, it looks unique and best of all, Hendy Performance provide a full warranty to help with your piece of mind. How much is this car I hear you ask? It’s currently up for sale for £25,000.


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