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French sports car manufacturer Alpine has announced pricing for the brand new A110S, a more driver-focused version of the very successful A110. This new lightweight sports car joins the Pure and Legende models in Alpine’s Line-up. The A110S features more power, a new suspension setup and better brakes, making it one serious mid-engine sports car.

The A110S can be finished in new Thunder Grey Matt body paint

This new model features the exact same 1.8-litre turbocharged engine that’s found in the standard A110. Alpine has tweaked this potent powertrain, which now produces a whopping 292 horsepower – some 40 more than the standard car. Peak torque (320Nm) is now available through a wider range at 2,000-6,400 rpm, meaning that the engine’s full grunt can be found in all gears and at all speeds.

The new orange Brembo brakes contrast well with the black and grey colour scheme in the model

Alpine’s new high performance braking system is included, this adds 320mm bi-material brake discs with Brembo Calipers. They’ve also added larger Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres that have been specifically tuned for the A110S to help keep this lightweight car on the road during high-speed cornering.

The A110S has recieved a 4mm ride height lowering to give a poised stance

The car’s hollow anti-roll bars have been stiffened by 50% and 100% respectively to increase cornering performance. But that’s not all, a full re-calibration of the on-board electronic stability program has been carried out, which aims to aid in handling and cornering grip. These changes should help to make the A110S handle like a dream.

Orange interior trim features are a welcomed addition to the A110S

The A110S has many optional extras available, some of which are very pricey. A £2,208 carbon fibre roof panel can be spec’d – shedding 1.9kg from the car’s weight. Carbon fibre-backed seats will set you back £1,656 and the gorgeous Thunder Grey Matt paint will cost you an eye-watering £4,440. This new paint scheme can also be ordered on the standard A110 Pure and Legende models.

Most importantly, these changes have been engineered so as not to undermine the everyday comfort of the A110S, making it as suitable as the standard A110 for cruising and long-distance driving.

The A110S starts at a cool £56,810, with UK orders opening from the 3rd September.


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