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Aston Martin’s latest mid-engined car, the Valhalla has taken to the racetrack with one of the world’s most highly-anticipated hypercars, the Valkyrie. These two high-performance Astons work in collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies and have been put through their paces at Silverstone by test Driver, Chris Goodwin. Watch the video below to see the pair in action:

The Valhalla is essentially a more practical version of the Valkyrie. The ‘Son of Valkyrie’ uses state of the art F1TM tech, top of the range aerodynamics and a bespoke V6 twin-turbo engine.

The Valhalla at Silverstone

Design-wise the Valhalla adopts the Valkyrie’s wide, open front-end and the chunky rear bumper. Similarly to the Valkyrie, the Valhalla is based on a carbon fibre monocoque and uses many carbon fibre panels in an attempt to keep weight down.

The Valhalla promises ‘outstanding’ levels of downforce

NASA-validated FlexFoil is used on the car’s rear wing which is said to physically alter the shape of the wing at speed, thus creating unprecedented levels of downforce. This is the first time this space-age equipment has been used on a production car.

The Valkyrie demolishing Silverstone


Valkyries were female shield maidens who served the God Odin – they were sent to the battlefield to fight and had the responsibility of selecting worthy warriors to make their final journey to Valhalla (Nordic equivalent of heaven) after death. Those that made it to Valhalla were reunited with their loved ones and got to meet their gods (whilst partaking in endless drinking, feasting and fighting).

Which one would you pick?

Aston Martin has restricted production of the Valhalla to just 500 models worldwide and they are yet to release the car’s full technical specs – customers are being hand-picked and it’s rumoured to cost around £1 million.

In comparison, the sold-out Valkyrie has its first customer delivery scheduled for later this year and it’s expected to rise to the very top of the hypercar segment when it does.


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