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McLaren has announced a road-legal version of the 570S GT4 race car, the 620R. This special-edition coupe offers a track-hungry setup, that can also be driven on the public road.

The 620R retains full racing DNA, in a package that’s legal on the road

Sitting uniquely in the market, the 620R has been designed to perform and feel like a race car from end to end, but added road-legal features mean you can tackle a race circuit, and then drive it home afterwards.

The 620R shares many features from the track-only 570S GT4

McLaren has used many features from the 570S GT4 race car in the 620R. The same single-piece carbon fibre Monocell II chassis has been used which provides the vehicle with a sturdy core and incredible lightness (dry weight of just 1,282 kg).

0-60 is achieved in just 2.8 seconds

Powering this hardcore coupe is the potent 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 that’s used in the GT4, but it now produces a hefty 620 horsepower and 620Nm of torque as the car is free from racing regs. These impressive specs result in the 620R being capable of a top speed of 200 mph.

A 7-speed Seamless Shift Gearbox (SSG) gives lightning-quick gear changes

Stiffer powertrain mounts help to reduce drivetrain forces under intense acceleration, whilst Inertia Push Technology converts flywheel energy into bursts of torque on the up-shift which causes loud exhaust cracks in Sport mode, created by a cut of the ignition spark during gear changes – making for many smiling faces.

Adjustable 32-position motorsport coilover dampers mean that the ride can be tailored to the needs of the individual

Lightweight aluminium wishbones and stiffer anti-roll bars and springs help add to the track-capable feel of the 620R which promises greater road-hold and control around tight bends. The 620R also comes kitted out with a huge set of carbon ceramic discs (390mm front, 380mm rear) as well as forged aluminium brake calipers, which have been designed to be resistant to fading, even after many circuit laps.

Optional full-slick track tyres can be fitted to the 620R

The 620R runs on 19″ wheels at the front and 20″ at the rear. For the first time in a road-legal car with those wheel sizes, it’s able to run on slick tyres without the need for any mechanical adjustment.

Customers will receive an adjustable rear wing that’s set (by default) to the least aggressive angle for balanced road driving. However, a McLaren retailer can adjust the angle of the wing dependent on the owner’s preference – a maximum of 185 kg of downforce can be generated for fast lap times in its most extreme setting.

Limited to just 350 units world wide

All 350 of the limited-edition 620Rs are to be hand-built at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, Surrey, UK. Manufacturing is set to begin in January and units are set to cost a cool £250,000 including taxes. But don’t worry, each purchase includes a Pure McLaren Track Day with expert driving tuition at a race track.

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