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For us petrolheads, there’s nothing more frustrating than to be stuck with a slow car. This is particularly a problem when you need to something big to carry your friends or family around in. So what are the alternatives? Yes you can fly up the spec sheet, picking the biggest engine available for your chosen vehicle, but why not stick a great-big supercar engine into an older van instead?

Mean and green

This custom Volkswagen Transporter Kombi was damaged in a crash a few years ago. The owner (rather expensively) decided not to scrap it, but instead to modify the living hell out of it in an attempt to make one seriously-quick minivan – and the result is amazing.

The van’s 3.6-litre Porsche engine

The owner decided to put a Porsche 996 MK1 engine into the van as a direct replacement. Impressively, the van now houses a hearty 3.6-litre, naturally-aspirated, six-cylinder engine that produces a sweet 647 horsepower through a manual six-speed gearbox.

Just like the McLaren F1, kinda

Happy that the van goes like a Porsche, the owner decided to create a central-driving position, inspired by the legendary McLaren F1 road car from the nineties. This unique setup involved removing the front passenger seats, along with a complete re-work of the van’s cabin.

Ultimate sleeper?

Big Brembo brakes have been fitted to ensure the van can stop safely with the added ponies under the bonnet. Six-piston brake calipers have been fitted to the front, along with four-piston brakes at the rear. This suped-up stopping power is further supplemented by a set of 19″ wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres to give extra grip and stability.

To further-add onto the van’s supercar inspiration, it’s painted in the same colour green as found on the 911 GT3 RS. The driver and passenger bucket seats are made of carbon-fibre and the vehicle has an all-round sportier bodykit that comes complete with a twin exhaust pipes.

The van isn’t cheap. In fact, it has an asking price of €155,500 (£131,720) which is actually more expensive than most models in Porsche’s arsenal.

This van is up for sale on German auto website, Autohaus Schiemann:

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